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Whether you are looking to repair your alloys, replace your tyres, or get a wheel alignment check, we've got you covered.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Whether you are looking to repair your alloys or would just like a new look with a colour change then Alton Cars can help. We offer a wide range of manufacturer colour finishes and in most cases our skilled technicians can make scuffed and scratched alloy wheels look as good as new, protecting the value of your motor.

Alloy Wheels can be refurbished at a fraction of the cost of replacement wheels. So why not get your alloy wheels refurbished at your local branch of Alton cars?

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Wheel alignment or geometry plays an important part in vehicle safety with accurate alignment ensuring optimum vehicle manoeuvrability & control, as well as maximising tyre life & fuel economy.

Does your vehicle pull to one side or generally feel unstable? Do your tyres have inconsistent wear? If the answers yes to these questions, then there might well be an issue with your vehicles wheel alignment or suspension. Fear not, every Alton Car repair centre is equipped with laser 4-wheel alignment & geometry technology.

We can carry out a full 8-point wheel alignment check on your vehicle, providing expert advice and a copy of the geometry report.

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Tyres are critical to vehicle safety as they influence vehicle handling and braking performance and over time both the performance & tread of your tyres will decrease, with most manufacturers recommend replacing tyres with a depth of 3mm or less.

Our technicians can ensure you stay safe & legal by checking your tyre pressures and tread depths. We can then advise you how long your tyres are likely to last and if replacements are required, Alton Cars can supply and fit tyres to suit any budget – from low cost, premium brand & winter tyres.

To provide you with an accurate quote we’ll just need details of the desired tyre, e.g. tyre width, profile, rim size, load index & speed rating. If you’re unsure on this you can find this information on the side of your tyre wall.

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