We're Carbon Neutral.

And that's just the beginning...


Our Environmental Pledge.

Alton Cars place our Corporate and Social responsibilities at the very forefront of everything that we do.  We have always been mindful of our environment, and for many years now we have:

Continued to upgrade equipment and lighting within all of our sites to more energy efficient options.

Replaced roof lights in all workshop areas to promote the use of natural light in our working areas where outside light permits

We recycle as many products as possible, including plastics, aluminium, steel, cardboard and all vehicle fluids.

We use the latest in paint technology, the majority of which are now water based products.

We have for the past 5 years been purchasing 100% renewable energy.

All of the above has been to ensure that we are doing the very best to look after our environment.  In early 2021 we set out on the journey to become Carbon Neutral and we have now obtained Carbon Neutrality with the PAS2060 standard across all of our sites.  Throughout our business, we are now committed to continual improvement, and we have targeted ourselves to show a minimum of a 2% reduction in carbon emissions year on year.  We will continue to achieve improvements though the use of our carbon management plan which will monitor and target improvements with us offsetting the remaining emissions to give us Carbon Neutrality.


Continued investment in the Latest energy efficient Equipment


Continued investment in the latest energy efficient lighting


We recycle any component that isn't repairable and with the permission of the vehicle owner can fit recycled parts.

Staff awareness.

We have training in place to educate all of our team members to ensure that they place our environment at the heart of everything they do…. Ensuring that we are all aiming for the same thing… to save our planet!

Renewable energy.

Alton have committed to only buying renewable energy, and this pledge hasn’t changed for the last 5 years

Continued reduction.

Alton have committed to continually look for ways to reduce our carbon missions.  We have committed to a minimum of a 2% reduction year on year, but our aim will be to exceed this.

Environmental Stats

Our pledge in numbers.

Minimum reduction in carbon year on year
Renewable energy
Tons of carbon offset
Electric car repairs per week

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